natural light san diego photographer for maternity, newborns, families & LGBTQIA+ love

Photography has been an intimate part of my life since an early age. As a young enthusiast, I took pleasure in the magic of taking photos of everyday moments, telling a story from a personal place in my extraordinary life. Originally from Russia, raised in New England and now calling Southern California home, I have indeed experienced life in a multidimensional perspective.

Throughout my military career as a combat instructor I endured the challenges of the lifestyle, yet there was great reward earned as well. I traveled to the most extreme places and encountered a diverse collection of people from all walks of life that have truly inspired me. I grew an incredible appreciation for life from a unique perspective, as I have seen beauty encompassed in it all.

These experiences, along with my natural love of art, lead me to pursue a career in photography. My heart has become dedicated to translate my appreciation of beauty into an artistic capacity. I am thrilled to have a job that allows me to explore my creativity while documenting significant moments in my clients’ lives.

i'm margarita.


From Combat boots to Camera shoots

Inclusion is intentional. I strive to make a new space, a better space for everyone through the power of photography

My goal is to honor and celebrate the love between people as unique as the roots that connect them



Some of the most intimate moments derive from the ordinary moments. Through photography, those intimate moments are remembered as extraordinary moments in the end.


my values:

She didn't push me to buy more or do anything that I didn't want. She took her time to get all the perfect images and make this momma happy! She took the best pictures I have ever seen of my daughter! If you are searching for someone to take pictures of you or your kiddos or even your dog who cares, I would 100% recommend her.

Margarita's main priority is making her client happy and giving the best work possible. 

- jessica j.

The power images truly hold is in the memories and the emotions that are attached to them. I want you to have a wonderful experience while being captured. I want you to be celebrated and be completely yourself because that is the true beauty of life. Every individual is uniquely themselves and I want to show you just how beautiful and incredible you truly are. After all, is that really too much to ask?

My primary focus is families, children, maternity and LGBTQIA+ Love. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand the importance of inclusivity, self-love, and empowerment. I have developed an unwavering passion for allowing people to see themselves in their own personal light, to be unapologetically you.

My goal is not only to illustrate the intimate and special moments of my clients; I strive to capture the pure essence of you in the moment, to uncover your truest form that makes each individual and relationship beautifully unique. I want to capture what love means to you.

When I have a camera in my hand, nothing else matters.

When I photograph, I dive into the world of emotions of intimacy, comfort, and inclusivity.

Whether you're looking for maternity photos, newborn photos, child photos, family photos or to capture your beautiful LGBTQIA+ love, I would absolutely love to work with you.

I'm a natural-light San Diego Family photographer who specializes in making family photos candid, Intimate, and emotionally RAW.

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